What to Buy, and Where?

Your next step should be to take the time to think about what your needs are and where you want to live.
Determine your needs versus wants, and if possible, define those needs: square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor space, etc.   


Let's Talk About Your New Home 

Okay, so now that you are pre-approved and have a sense as to your Real Estate needs, it’s time for an initial meeting.

During this meeting we will be asking a number of questions, all to determine a better picture as to what your true needs are. We're great listeners and endeavour to know what is important to you as a Buyer. If you're ready to schedule that first meeting today, contact us and we can arrange a convenient time and place.


It's Time to View, View, View!  

Now that we have an idea as to your requirements, it's our job to keep you up-to-date with properties currently on the market and those that have just come on. This is typically done via email where we send you descriptions of properties and photos for your review. When a property seems promising simply inform us of it, and any others you like, and we will arrange to view them in person together. 

It is important to view a number of properties before you make a decision! It is only by looking at places and reviewing recent sales that you educate yourself as to current market values and find exactly what you're looking for. When you've found exactly the property that you want, we move onto the next step of Writing an Offer.